Atlas Orthogonal

New Lambton Family Chiropractic has committed to delivering the best upper cervical care for you.

Helen and Jeremy Villani have been studying the benefits of the Atlas Orthogonal and nervous system function for over 10 years.

The only bony support of your head, which weighs about as much as a bowling ball, is a delicate bone in the top of the neck known as the atlas. When the atlas is misaligned due to one or more physical, chemical or emotional traumas, the atlas can be responsible for a myriad of disabling health conditions.

What does Atlas Orthogonal mean?

The Atlas Orthogonal Technique is a delicate method of adjusting the upper cervical spine almost exclusively through the C1 which is also known as the first cervical vertebra.

“Ortho-” means right and “-gonal” means angle. Therefore, the objective of the adjustment is to correct the atlas to ensure the skull’s weight is evenly balanced and sits vertically above a horizontal C1 (at a right angle).

How does adjusting the spine affect your health?

Chiropractors believe that the upper cervical region and specifically the alignment of the atlas is critical to the health of the central nervous system and to the health of the body generally.

With the adjustment, the sensors in the joints and muscles between the bones in the upper neck inform the brain of the change in their alignment. This information is crucial if the brain is to regain a capacity to organize its own balance of the head upon the body. Thus, the brain can re-establish a healthy connection of brain and body through the spinal cord, cranial nerves, blood vessels, and coordinate supporting muscles and ligaments.

Future health is REINFORCED as the nervous system is able to protect itself and keep the head on straight.

What’s involved?

Your first visit incorporates a thorough history, physical, postural, orthopedic and neurologic tests, and if recommended – Atlas Orthogonal x-rays.

Your second visit includes your report of x-rays, first adjustment and post x-rays as per the AO protocol.

Your third visit is discussion of findings and review of first adjustment results, report of the second x-ray and second AO specific adjustment.

Do I need an x-ray?

Upper Cervical Chiropractors take their own precision x-rays to determine the exact vector or direction necessary for the specific correction of the perceived C1 misalignment. The Atlas Orthogonal instrument then utilizes this vector to deliver the gentle and specific adjustment.

Simple and profound.